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Three Steps to Fresh Clean Fall Skin

fresh fall skin

With summer ending, it is easy to quit thinking about cleansing and move straight to dry skin treatment in anticipation of winter. However, fall is typically a period of transition with still warm days and plenty of chances to need to cleanse and freshen up , yet at the same time the drier air can […]


Philosophy Purity Made Simple Oil Cleanser Review


  Imagine my surprise when I walked into Ulta and discovered that Philosophy makes an oil cleanser. Philosophy Purity Made Simple is an oil cleanser that promises to deep cleanse with a blend of natural oils to melt away all traces of makeup, dirt, oil and impurities. I’m not new to the oil cleansing circuit, […]


Makeup Wars Favorite Beauty Oil


I have four favorite Beauty Oils. I currently am using all of these fairly regularly. Disclosure: All of these were press samples, although in the case of everything expect Natural Essentials, I have also repurchased the product after using up the sample I was sent. (1)  Dermorganic Spray Therapy: A Leave-in Argon Oil based spray […]


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review


Way back, when I first started the blog, I reviewed a number of DHC products, including their Deep Cleansing Oil. I wanted to revisit it because it really is one of my all time favorite cleansers. DHC recently sent me some items to try, which I will be reviewing over the next month or two […]


Beauty Blogger’s Favorite Products


Beauty bloggers try a lot of products, and we see tons of both the good and the bad. So, when a beauty blogger has a favorite makeup, hair care, skin care, or beauty product item, it well worth taking notice! 30 Days of Beauty, Day 30: The Best Beauty Products, What The Bloggers Use Below […]


Keeping it Clean: Makeup Removal and Cleansing


Clean skin is an essential step to healthy and beautiful skin. Properly removing makeup can avoid blocked pores and acne, while using the right cleanser can improve your skins overall appearance and texture. But using the wrong cleanser can be disastrous.  Some cleansers can strip your face of natural oils, doing more harm than good, […]


Going Natural With Neutrogena


Glam Media sent me an eco-friendly Bliss bag with some neat eco-friendly products, including some great items from the Neutrogena Naturals line of skin care products. Since I am a fan of natural products and tend to recommend them when possible, I was looking forward to trying out the products. Here is a look at […]


Murad Acne Kit

Murad Acne Kit

When I was having a particularly hard time clearing up an adult acne breakout, I gave the Murad Acne Complex Kit ($97 Value!) a try.  This is a  highly rated kit, but I had mixed results with it, although I have seen rave reviews from others on it. Personally, I would just buy the treatment […]


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil On Sale Now!

I get a fair number of readers interested in DHC skincare.  The product that they are best known for, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil , is on sale at the DHC site right now, with $4 off until the end of the month, which is only a few days away! Be sure to also order your […]


Dermaquest Anti-Bacterial Cleanser


When I started having some unusual problems with acne a few months ago, I started researching products. My goal was to find a set of skin care items that would not be likely to contribute to acne, would treat the condition, and would also work with my melasma treatment regime. Dermaquest Skin Therapy Anti- Bacterial […]

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