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Products That Will Not Help You To Lose Weight


OK, it is almost 2012, and this means only one thing – millions of people will be searching Google for ways to lose weight and many of these people will unfortunately come across websites that offer the most dubious services imaginable. So today I shall briefly outline some of the worst ways to try to […]


Ignore the Diet Ads Please! I Do Not Endorse Them!

Update: Glam quickly processed my ad removal request, so the offending ads appear to be gone now.  Many thanks to them for acting so quickly! I am being served a bunch of those awful diet ads today: The ones leading to called “blogs” claiming you can get rid of belly fat by following one simple […]


Fitness Friday: Why You Should Ignore Those Acia Berry Diet Ads

I recently saw one of those acai berry/total cleanse diet ads pop up on my site from an ad service. Needless to say, I immediately took steps to have it blocked. Why? Because the acai berry diets that have been widely advertised have been reported as fraudulent and misleading. Here is how they work: The […]

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