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Philosophy a Pigment of Your Imagination Sunscreen, Melasma Treatment in a Sunscreen

Philosophy a Pigment of Your Imagination Sunscreen Melasma Treatment

Everyone should be concerned about sun exposure. If you aren’t all that worried about things like skin cancer (you should be), then remember that the sun also causes wrinkles (ack!). If you happen to have melasma, hyperpigmentation, or similar discoloration, it becomes even more important. Philosophy a pigment of your imagination spf 18 is a […]


Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Treatment

Clean and Clear Acne Treatment

I have crazy skin. It is dry in spots, acne prone in others, and alternates between needing tons of winter moisture and lots of summer oil control. While I don’t get a lot of acne, I am prone to breakouts along my jaw line and on my lower cheeks. When I had more issues than […]


Can You Reuse the Zeno Tip? No!

Zeno Acne Tip Replacement

I have been asked on a couple of occasions whether the Zeno Tip Cartridge can be reused. At first I did not definitely know the answer because the tip on mine had not yet expired. Now that it has, I can safely say that the answer is no. When the device gets down to only […]


Review: Thermaclear Acne Treatment Device

thermaclear acne treament

The ThermaClear Acne Clearing Device is quite the shocking device. Literally! But it is shocking in a good way. The rise of technology using heat devices to treat acne is one of the best things to arrive on the beauty scene. Indeed, one of the first things I did when I started Beauty and Fashion […]


Astara Facial Mask Review

astara masks

With summer coming on, my skin tends to go from dry to a bit oily and acne prone. That is when I tend to break out the facial masks more. Some of the best out there are the masks from Astara. Astara makes a number of products, but my all time favorite, and one often […]


Home Microdermabrasion: Spa Sciences Professional Skin Exfoliation System

DDF Revolve

Update: This product is no longer available. However, the DDF Revolve Mico Polishing System (pictured) is a newer and highly similar system that also works even better in my opinion. Being a gadget freak, I always wanted to try one of the battery operated home microdermabrasion systems. So when I saw the Spa Sciences Professional Skin Exfoliation System […]


Zeno Acne Treatment Review, Zap Your Zits!


I have been trying the Zeno Acne Treatment Device for some time now. While I don’t have serious acne problems, I do have the occasional breakout and am always interested in acne treatment products like the Zeno for acne treatment. (update: lately my acne has gotten worse. I am currently loving the Claro Acne Treatment […]

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