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Tips For Perfectly Shaped Brows


30 Days of Beauty, Day 16: Shaping and Filling Brows The shape of your eyebrows affects not only the look of your eyes, but also of your entire face. When shaping your brows, you want to keep their basic natural shape but groom them so that they appear more refined. Whether you are simply trimming […]


Small gifts and Stocking Stuffers


Need a small party gift? How about stocking stuffers? Something easy to carry? Try some of these! The cute Anastasia Mini Brow Kit contains a mini tweezer that I found works quite well for its size, a mini matte highlighter, and clear brow gel. I haven’t actually tried the ColorOn kits, but they look fun! […]


Review: Anastasia Brow Pen


Anastastia Beverly Hills has come out with the Anastasia Brow Pen, and it is a really nice edition to their line of brow products. At first I worried that a pen would appear too dark, but the Anastasia brow pen has a very fine tip and puts out color slowly, so the amount is perfect. […]


Anastasia Beverly Hills, Everything You Need For a Perfect Brow


Anastasia has long been a powerhouse in the area of brow tools and cosmetics. So I was excited to give a bunch of items a try and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Anastasia has everything you need to achieve a perfect brow. First off, the tweezers are great. Next to Tweezerman, these are the best eyebrow […]

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