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Timelapse Wand Wrinkle Treatment

Timelapse Wand Wrinkle Treatment

The Timelapse Wand is a pretty neat little product that I was sent to try. Advertised as part line filler, part relaxer, part treatment product, it is rather utilitarian. I have been playing with one for a couple of weeks now and find that it is best as a filler. The wand contains ingredients that […]


Babor Advanced Biogen Day and Night Creme

Babor Skin Care Advanced Biogen

When I have winter dry skin, I appreciate a good hyaluronic acid creme. Babor advanced Biogen Day Creme and Babor advanced Biogen Night Creme are a good pair of moisturizers for dry and/or aging skin. Both cremes are on the rich and thick side, with the night creme a bit more so. Each does an […]


PCA Skin Care Hyperpigmentation and Melasma Treatment Products

PCA Pigment Treament for Melasma

I have been using PCA’s products for melasma and hyperpigmenation for over a month now and give them a big thumbs up! The star of the two products is the PCA SKIN pHaze 13 Pigment Gel. This serum, with azaleic acid, kojic acid, lactic acid, Vitamin C, and hydroquinone has been the most effective serum […]


Review: Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion in a Jar

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion in a Jar

I am rather particular about scrubs. I want to feel them working and I want to see results.  Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion in a Jar nicely fit the bill on both accounts. The Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion scrub is very fine grained and is a fairly powerful scrub. I definitely could feel it working, and my skin […]


Bioelements Power Peptide Spray

Bioelements Power Peptide spray

The Bioelements brand continues to impress me. It seems that I like everything that I try from them, and my latest favorite is their Bioelements Power Peptide Spray. Peptides are one of the hot active ingredients that have been shown to have an effect on fine lines and wrinkles. Usually peptides are put into creams […]


Review: DHC Sunsceens, White for Melasma, Q10 for Aging, and Dual Defense for Moisture

DHC White Sunscreen Olive Oil Skin Care

DHC makes some great skin care products, so it is no surprise that they have some excellent sunscreens as well. By incorporating DHC’s signature olive oil, the sunscreens feel terrific, and by adding in some treatment actives, a couple of the sunscreens are also rather unique. One very unique sunscreen that also happens to be […]


PCA Skin Care Anti-Aging Products

PCA Collagen Hydrator

I have been using some PCA Anti-Aging Skin Care items for awhile now and am very happy with the brand so far. My favorite is the PCA pHaze 25 ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum . Peptides have worked well to minimize fine lines for me in a variety of products. But I prefer serums and finding […]


Elizabeth Arden Intervene Pause and Effect Eye Creme

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Eye Cream

Awhile back I was sent a jar of Elizabeth Arden Intervene Pause & Effect Eye Cream. The timing couldn’t have been better because I was in the market for an eye cream suited for the drier weather. I like to use gel types of eye creams in the summer, but when winter hits, my skin […]


L’Oreal Revitalift UV Cream with Mexoryl, SPF 15

L'Oreal UV Expert SPF 15 with Mexoryl

I was quite happy to see the new L’Oreal sunscreen, L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Revitalift UV, Daily Moisturizing Cream with Sunscreen, because I have been waiting for a sunscreen with Mexoryl to become easily available at the drugstores. With that said, I do have a little quibble with L’Oreal’s advertising. They have been portraying the sunscreen as […]


Benev Skin Care

Benev Skin Care Vitamin C Gel

I recently tried four samples from the Benev Skin Care line: Pearl Cleanser, Eye Cream, Hyaluronic Cream, and my favorite, Vitamin C Gel 20% . The Benev company aims to use pure and highly concentrated active ingredients for positive effects. I was quite happy with samples that I tried, particularly the Vitamin C Gel 20%, […]

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