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Bioelements Vitalization Body Creme


Bioelements makes many wonderful items, including one of the richest body creams that I have seen in some time. Bioelements Vitalization Rich Intensity Body Creme is lovely stuff. It is a creamy, thick lotion with a luxurious feel and high moisture factor. It also has a wonderful light aroma—the product of ten botanical oils (apricot […]


Removing Calluses with the Ped Egg


I love my Ped Egg! I seriously think that every callused foot on the planet deserves one! When I first read about the Ped Egg at Bionic Beauty I wanted to try it. As I mentioned recently, I’m hard on my feet and the callus battle is constant for me. I have had success with […]


Kill Calluses and Soften Feet with AB Skin Care Happy Feet


I am a foot killer. I wear shoes that rub, I cram my feet into Irish dance shoes and pound them around for hours on end, and sometimes I cram them into ice skates. The result is dry heels and nasty calluses. But I have found a few fixes. One of those is AB Skin […]


Chill Essence, All Natural Bath and Body Products


ChillEssence is a company that products a nice line of all natural, organic, bath and body products. I recently gave their body bar, lotion, and body wash a try. Each was quite nice. The body wash is a moisturizing gel with a light scent. It is a nice choice for those who want a natural […]


Thymes Gardener Sink Set


I was sent a lovely sink set from the Thymes Company Gardener Collection to try, and I found it rather unique. first, unlike the standard soap and lotion sink sets out there, the Gardener set includes a nail brush, something I made good use of after planting flowers last weekend! It also has a fresh […]


Davies Gate Seed and Grains: Whole Wheat Lotion, Flax Seed Soap, and Cocoa Bean Lip Balm

Davies Gate Wheat Lotion

I first came across Davies Gate while staying at the Palms in Las Vegas. They offered some wonderful Davies Gate items in the rooms. Unfortunately, the last time I was there, they no longer carried them, so I guess I have to buy some now! Davies Gate Whole Wheat Lotion was my absolute favorite when […]


Pattern Body Wash

Pattern Body Wash

Like all natural bath and body products? Like unique fresh scents? How about some good moisture in a body wash? Pattern Body Wash has it all. There are four cleansers available that can be used on hair, face and body: Eucalyptus and Black Pepper are stronger cleansers recommended for active people that are formulated to […]


Nettie Scrub Exfoliating Body Scrub

Nettiescrub grapefruit body polish sugar scrub

I seem to be on roll with receiving indie products lately and I love them! Smaller companies often produce products that are both high quality and affordable. Plus, there tends to be that extra sense of personalized love and care put into the products. One of the new products I recently tried is NettieScrub, a […]


Skin Like Butter Shea Oil Lotion

Skin Like Butter Shea Oil She Butter Lotion

I am a big fan of both indie products and shea butter and shea oil. So I am quite happy to recommend Skin Like Butter. Starting out at the Alamitos Bay, California, Farmers Market with a lavender shea oil product, the company then branched out to add additional items. They now also offer shea oil lotion, […]


Spongelle Bath and Body


Looking for a gift for the bath lover, or perhaps something unique for yourself? Spongelle makes cleanser filled bath sponges in fun shapes and fragrances. One side of the sponge is an exfoliating pad, while the other is a standard bath sponge. Those with sensitive skin might want to stick with just the sponge side […]

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