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Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is great stuff. If you have dry hands, or spots of dry skin, or if you just want a bit of old fashioned salve to rub on once in awhile, this is some of the best stuff out there. The price is great too! With a handy and easy to carry container, […]


Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory

So I was walking through Target, which meant that I was also taking my mandatory trip past the cosmetics aisles to see what is new. That is where I found my new favorite hand cream from Soap and Glory Cosmetics. There in front of me was this big pink (very pink) display, full of fun […]


Badger Balm

Badger Balm Sleep

A bit over a week ago, I reviewed Badger SFF 30 Sunblock. I also mentioned the Badger balms. Badger makes a wide variety of these all natural ingredient balms. I gave the foot balm a try and found it to be nicely moisturizing and great on my particularly dry heels. It contains lots of great […]


A Look at Gloves in a Bottle

Gloves in a bottle

Gloves in a Bottle is a shielding lotion that helps keep irritants from bothering the skin, while keeping moisture in. I recently used a bottle of this over a period of a week and was pretty happy with it. I tend to have issues with my hands getting dry, especially when I use the computer […]


Review: Epil-Stop Hair Remover and Neutralizing Wash


After seeing magazine ads for Epil-Stop Silky Creme Hair Remover, Cosmopolitan Berry Scent, I ran out and bought it thinking that perhaps there would finally be a decent smelling hair remover. I was wrong. Unfortunately, this stuff does not smell at all like a Cosmopolitan, or like berries. Instead, it has that same old  chemical depilatory […]


The Healing Garden, White Tea Relax Therapy Products

Healing Garden White Tea

I recently tried four products from The Healing Garden: Holistic Fragances. All were from the White Tea Collection, which is a light relaxing formula. I’m not the best at describing fragrances, so the best I can say with this one is that it is a light fragrance, that it is indeed relaxing, and that I […]


Review: Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream

You-be Moisturizing Skin Cream

I am working on an update to the look of Beauty and Fashion Tech, so there is just a quick review for today. Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, Original Japanese Formula is one of those products that I want to love, but unfortunately I don’t solely because of the smell. First, the good part: This intensive […]


Mineral from the Dead Sea Hand Cream

Update: this product is no longer available. However, Ahava makes a number of similar dead sea mineral products. A new favorite of mine is Mineral From the Dead Sea Hand, Foot and Cuticle Nutrient Cream. It really seems to be best suited for use as a hand cream instead of a cuticle treatment. I haven’t tried […]


Alba Botanica Home Spa Kit and Coconut Lip Balm

Alba Botanica Review

Today brings a quick post to recommend the Alba Botanica Alba Home Spa Kit, which comes with a great Alba Hawaiian lip balm. The kit itself has some good products and is quite fun. I imagine that it would make a great gift. But in particular, as long as you are not adverse to the […]

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