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Comments For a Cure Donation


Thanks to those who commented during my comments for a cure promotion! I had less that the 50 comments that I hoped for, but I will be donating the full $50 anyway! Keep watching Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss for more pink product reviews, and also be sure to browse the member blogs […]


Leave a Comment to Raise Money for Cancer Charities


Comments for a Cure is here! For every comment I receive on Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss between today (Oct. 13, 2008) and the end of Wednesday (Oct. 15, 2008), I will donate $1, with a cap of $50, to the Walter Payton Cancer Fund.  So here is your chance to send money […]


October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here it is, October 1st, which means that a busy month is ahead. During October, companies brand pink products with a portion of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. This year, the Beauty Blog Network is also reviving its popular Comments for a Cure promotion and it has partnered with the Estee Lauder Company […]


Beauty and Fashion Tech in the August Issue of the Beauty Ideal


If you haven’t had a chance yet to check it out, look at the August edition of The Beauty Ideal, the magazine of the Beauty Blog Network. I have a short feature in there: Don’t Let Your Makeup Age You!


Why Hasn’t He Called? Mentions The Beauty Blog Network

Why Hasn't He Called? Matt Titus, Tamsen Fadal, Sassybean

As many readers already know, I am a proud member of the Beauty Blog Network. So it is exciting to report that the upcoming book, Why Hasn’t He Called? from Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, creators of the online magazine, sassybean.com, and stars of the hit TV series “Matched in Manhattan” will include a mention […]


Elke From The Beauty Blog Network On The Wedding Planning Audiocast

Elke Von Freudenberg, founder of the Beauty Blog Network, is featured on the Wedding Planning Audiocast, where she discusses brow shaping and quicker makeup applications. Give it a listen!


The Beauty Network: A Ning Social Network Site

Visit The Beauty Network Check out the Beauty Network on Ning. This social network site is open for all those interested in beauty products and the beauty industry, and includes quite a few of the bloggers in the Beauty Blog Network.

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