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Hottiedots Adhesive Beauty Marks

A few weeks ago I was sent a fun little product to try called Hottiedots. These are stick on beauty marks that come in a range of shades. I always was kind of fascinated by beauty marks, so I had a good time giving these a whirl. The “dots” adhere easily and are comfortable to

Home Microdermabrasion: Spa Sciences Professional Skin Exfoliation System

Update: This product is no longer available. However, the DDF Revolve Mico Polishing System (pictured) is a newer and highly similar system that also works even better in my opinion. Being a gadget freak, I always wanted to try one of the battery operated home microdermabrasion systems. So when I saw the Spa Sciences Professional Skin Exfoliation System

Zeno Acne Treatment Review, Zap Your Zits!

I have been trying the Zeno Acne Treatment Device for some time now. While I don’t have serious acne problems, I do have the occasional breakout and am always interested in acne treatment products like the Zeno for acne treatment. (update: lately my acne has gotten worse. I am currently loving the Claro Acne Treatment