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Estee Lauder Sheer Stick Tender Blush

One of my new favorite products is Estee Lauder Tender Blush. I have this sheer stick blush in pink and absolutely love it for when I want a light and absolutely natural looking cream blush.The blush comes in an attractive gold tube which makes it nice to carry in a purse. It goes on very

Reviewing Popular Nars Products: Dolce Vita Lipstick, Nars Orgasm Blush and Nars Orgasm Gloss

I have been finding all sorts of new favorites recently. Fortunately, it seems like everything I try lately is a quality item. My recent Nars purchases were really no surprise in that department, since I purchased a couple of Nars’ most popular and well received products. Plus I tend to just love Nars all around

Jane Shimmer Mineral Blush

Yesterday, I reviewed Jane Be Pure Mineral Makeup. When I made that purchase, I also picked up a Jane Shimmer Blush in Natural. As with the mineral makeup, this too is a good value product. Bascially it provides a very light, sheer, neutral to pinkish shimmer that I find works quite well over matte cream

Revlon Cream Blush Review

I have been really into cream blush lately. I like how it tends to stay longer than powder blush, and if applied right, it looks more natural. For a bit of extra glow and staying power, I will sometimes brush some Flirt! Blush or shimmering bronzer over it. Another trick I like is to apply

Flirt Cosmetics Review: Peek-A-Blush

I had always been curious about Flirt! Cosmetics, a line of cosmetics produced by Estee Lauder for Kohls stores. Anytime I was in Kohls, I would wander by and note that I liked both the colors and the prices. But I never got around to buying until recently. I am still deciding what I think