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BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette Review

I recently ordered a bunch of items from BH Cosmetics, an ulta affordable online makeup sales company, and came away pleasantly surprised.   With items such as 120 color eye shadow palettes under $20 and a good selection of brushes under $5 and $10, I had my doubts. But the quality turned out to be quite

Budget Beauty! Tropez Eyeshadow Palettes

When I first wrote about the ultra cheap, but nice quality Tropez Cosmetics, my chief complaint was a lack of choices in eye shadow shades (read previous review). Well, that has now been improved! Tropez now has a few very nice eye shadow palette available with six shades per palette. I picked one up at

Jane Be Pure Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 30

Jane Cosmetics has a new SPF 30 Jane be Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation at that I really love, although I think it is mislabeled a bit. Why mislabeled? Well, this one really seems like a tinted moisturizer to me. It is very sheer and high in moisture factor. So I wish they had just labeled

Jane Cosmetics Eye Shadows: One of the Better Drugstore Values!

Update: Jane Cosmetics appears to have been discontinued.You can perhaps find replacements in our affordable makeup series: Best Drugstore Eyeshadow. Jane Cosmetics have been impressing the heck out me lately. Highly affordable and high in quality, I think this is hands down the most consistently good and best value drugstore line out there. Jane cosmetics

Jane Shimmer Mineral Blush

Yesterday, I reviewed Jane Be Pure Mineral Makeup. When I made that purchase, I also picked up a Jane Shimmer Blush in Natural. As with the mineral makeup, this too is a good value product. Bascially it provides a very light, sheer, neutral to pinkish shimmer that I find works quite well over matte cream