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Makeup Wars Most Expensive Face Challenge

    This time around, the Makeup Wars bloggers are putting on our most expensive faces! This one surprised me. I don’t necessarily collect a ton of luxury items, and many of the things I used are more mid-range, yet my total came up to a rather shocking amount that is revealed at the end

Cargo Blu_ray Pressed Powder

Cargo cosmetic’s Blu_ray line is advertised as designed for use in high definition filming. But they happily market to the masses, of course! I tried a sample of the Cargo Blu_ray Pressed Powder and generally liked it. According to Cargo, the powder can be worn alone or over makeup. It contains photochromatic pigments to keep

Cargo Cosmetics: The Big Bronzer

Once the weather starts getting warm, I feel like wearing bronzer is more legitimate. I wear it in winter too instead of blush, but nothing says spring and summer like bronzer does! A new one for me was CARGO The Big Bronzer Cheek Color, which I tried in the medium shade. This bronzer is indeed

Cargo Plant Love. Lipstick That Grows!

For the environmentally friendly gardener in you, check out the Cargo Plant Love Collection . This environmentally friendly collection of lipsticks is packaged in biodegradable containers made from corn. A bonus for the gardeners is that seeds are embedded in the box. Plant the box and grow flowers! What will the packaging gurus out there think