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Makeup Wars, Keune So Pure Hair Care


For this Makeup Wars, the Makeup Wars bloggers all tried Keune products that the company was nice enough to provide to us. In my case, I tried items from the the So Pure line, which is a moisturizing line of products that are paraben and sulfate free. I avoid sulfates in part because they don’t play well […]


Treat Your Hair Right


Hair care and treatment depends on the individual’s hair type and their lifestyle. Individuals who style their hair using a variety of products may require a different hair treatment than those who do not use styling aids. There are various ways to care for the hair including hair care products that are designed specifically to […]


Pantene Customized Hair Solutions for Fine Hair

pantene for fine hair

I recently tried four products from Pantene’s Customized Hair Solutions line for fine hair. Pantene formulates items for  fine, medium, thick, colored, or curly hair. I chose the formulation for fine hair since, although my hair is rather thick, its texture is fine. Also, products made for fine hair tend to work best with my […]


The Best Leave In Hair Conditioners

I am quite a fan of leave in conditioners. The best conditioners tend to detangle well,  protect the hair from heat styling, and leave your hair feeling soft and looking smooth and silky. My personal favorite is Schwarzkoph Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner (link is to previous review). I use that one regularly and have […]


Find The Best Deep Conditioner For Your Hair

I am a big deep conditioner fan. If you have color treated hair or dry hair, deep conditioning once a week or so can make all the difference in getting smooth silky hair. The article below, syndicated from Total Beauty, provides some great information on the best deep conditioners based on their reader’s rankings. A […]


Sulfate Free Shampoo and Hair Care


Have you tried sulfate free shampoo? If not, consider giving sulfate free hair care a chance, especially if you have color treated hair. One of the main ingredients in most shampoo is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), or Sodium Lauryl Ether (aka Sodium Laureth Sulfate) (SLES). These are surfactants, which in basic terms is a detergent, […]


Arbonne Hair Care Review


Arbonne is a Swedish Company that specializes in skin care and cosmetics. They also have a line of hair care products. Arbonne works through a consultant based system, so getting the products usually requires going through a consultant (Arbonne is a multi-level marketing MLM program). So, despite reading some rave reviews of Arbonne products, I […]


DHC Light and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner


I love DHC skin care products, especially their olive oil cleanser (read previous DHC cleanser review), but they have many other nice products as well. Lately, I have bee a fan of their hair care items. New at DHC (or at least new to me) is their Light and Smooth Shampoo and Light and Smooth Conditioner . […]


Rare Elements Pure Shampoo and Essential Conditioner


Rare Elements Shampoo is a low lather, yet quite rich shampoo. Low lather is always nice because there is less concern of stripping color, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it is cleaning. With Rare Elements, it still has a rich, thick feel to it without high lather, so it still feels like your […]


Hair Care Routine For Dry, Fine, Color Treated Hair


I have been asked about my hair car routine.  For starters, I have fairly dry, color treated hair, that is straight and has a fine texture. As a result, I am usually looking for both moisture and volume, while trying to preserve my color. Here are the main points of my routine: To preserve color, […]

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