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Trop 50 True Resolution For The New Year (Sponsored)


My resolution this year is a pretty common one-lose weight and gain fitness. The fitness part isn’t too hard for me. The motivation behind it is that I began training this week for the Bayshore Marathon in May in Traverse City Michigan. So I am kicking off the new year with quite a fitness goal. […]


Great New Year’s Resolutions (And How You’ll Break Them)

The beginning of a new year promises many things and prompts many of us to change our habits. Or does it? I’m sure many have been through enough New Years Days to know that once you’re back with your nose to grindstone a couple of days later, things don’t really feel that different. Here is […]


Combating the Christmas Calories


A traditional diet outage, the festive season is notoriously linked with good food, sweet treats and dining out. Families gather to swap stories over hot plates, and present hunters roam Christmas markets teaming with mulled wine and imported German sausage. Even coffee shops add calories to their drinks, with extra helpings of whipped cream and […]


Keeping the Weight Off During the Holidays


One of the best things about the holiday season is the food. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the worst. It’s a time when we pack on the pounds while our clothing seemingly gets tighter. After a steady stream of family meals filled with scrumptious food, it might seem impossible not to gain weight. […]


The Zumba Experience – a Workout and Party in One


Dance classes as exercise is not a new phenomenon, with salsa, tango and even pole fitness keeping people fit and healthy (whilst still having fun) available at many health clubs and gyms. The newest class to take over as the exercise of choice is Zumba, a dance and aerobic exercise which brings in elements from […]


Ten SuperFoods for Super Healthy Hair

super foods

If you’re dreaming of gorgeous, thick, long tresses reminiscent of those belonging to a model in a Pantene Pro-V commercial…you might want to stop before you dish out the dollars for the most expensive hair care products on the market. The secret to beautiful hair may not be what you put on your strands, but […]


Amazing Superfoods for Beautiful Skin


Whoever said that beauty comes from within was spot on. Scientific lotions and potions may be great, but superfoods can give you the glowing, beautiful skin you have always wanted. The best part is that it is all natural. You don’t have to worry that the cream that will tighten your arms will dry out […]


Guest Post: 5 Ways To Reconnect With Your Body & Soul


Around my thirtieth birthday, I became very ill. My energy and wellbeing took a very sharp downward turn. It was as if my immune system simply gave up, raised its hands and surrendered to any and all sickness that came my way. The months to follow were unrelenting with illness after illness. As a result […]


Finishing the Dannon Activia Challenge


Over the past couple of weeks I have written on Dannon Activia as a healthy snack.  During that time, I also completed the Dannon Activia Fourteen Day Challenge.  Dannon offers the challenge so that you can buy their Activia yogurt, try it for two weeks, and seek a refund if you do not like it. […]


Dannon Activia As a Great Post Exercise Snack


Last week I started the Dannon Activia Fourteen Day Challenge. I am eating Activia everyday for two weeks to see how I like it. So far, so good! I found that I love, love, love the raspberry flavor and the strawberry is pretty tasty too.  I also found that Activia is a nice snack at […]

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