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Create an #eBayDad Collection for a Chance to Win $500

ebay fathers day

This is a sponsored blog post that was written as part of a collaboration with eBay. Father’s Day is approaching! Do you know what you are getting for your dad yet? One really easy way to shop is to browse eBay. There are a couple of great ways to find specific Father’s Day items there. […]


Sell Your Phone to Finance Fashion!

sell your phone

OK, so it is pretty obvious that I have some serious beauty and fashion addictions. Otherwise I wouldn’t have this blog! One of my biggest weaknesses is handbags. Good handbags. As in expensive designer handbags. My husband complains about this by the way, so he isn’t going to buy them for me (I wish!). I’m […]


Ebay’s The Winner’s Guide to Winning: Segment With an Image Consultant

Ebay runs an amusing series, The Winners Guide to Winning, featuring comedians Andy Richter and Paul Tompkins. Their recent segment on Presentation features the two hosts meeting with an image consultant. It is an amusing segment that serves to show just how men feel about the prospect of tinting their eyelashes! You can view the […]


Ebay Auctions for a Cure are Up!

The Comments for a Cure auctions have started! My auction is for a large lot of new/never used bath and beauty products and samples, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation. You can view the original post about it here. The Beauty Blog Network is also holding multiple auctions for […]


Comments for a Cure: Donation Update!

The comments period of Comments for a Cure has ended. BIG THANKS to everyone who commented and/or otherwise donated! The total comments on my blog came to 37, but I have donated the full $50 that I pledged to The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation. I have posted a screen shot showing the donation (plus and extra […]


Comments for a Cure: Update and Reminder!

Here is a reminder to join myself and other members of the Beauty Blog Network in raising money for cancer charities. See my original post for information and to leave your comments! Also, a big thanks to Nicole, who commented that she will match the donation! And in another update, over at the the Comments […]


COMMENTS FOR A CURE: Leave a Comment and Send a Dollar to Charity!

Join myself and other members of the Beauty Blog Network today through June 6 in raising money for cancer charities. I will donate $1 per person who leaves a comment to this post between now and June 6 up to $50 to The Gynecological Cancer Foundation. It is free for you and helps a great […]


Coming Soon! Comments for a Cure from The Beauty Blog Network

Coming Soon!!! Join members of the Beauty Blog Network on June 4-6 for Comments for a Cure. On those dates, all participating network blogs will be writing a blog post for this charity event. The amount of comments posted during those days will count towards the dollar amount that will be donated to the cancer […]

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