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Bad Business, When Chi Called a Blog Review Trademark Infringement


UPDATE: On August 21, the PR Manager at Farouk Systems/Chi called me and offered a very sincere apology. She said that a third party contractor is used to send out trademark notices in order to tackle web spam and that bloggers were never intended to be included in those efforts. I let her know that the […]


For Bloggers: How To Make Disclosure Buttons For WordPress


Need a way to do this Blogger? See Christine’s post at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic! In looking for ways to keep the FTC happy given their newly stated desire to see disclosures up front, I came across a resource for adding buttons to blog posts. Part One of this post tells you how to make […]


For Bloggers: How to Comply With The New FTC Guidance on Disclosing Products Provided For Review


On March 12, 2013, the FTC released a staff guidance document to provide additional information on disclosure in online advertising.  This material is relevant to bloggers and affiliate marketers in several ways.  (1) The receipt of free products for review by bloggers is typically viewed by the FTC as falling under the umbrella of advertising.  […]


Blogging Against Bullying: Zoya Purple Manicure


Bullying and general negative behavior toward fellow bloggers has cropped up as of late in beauty blogging circles and particularly in the nail polish blogging circles with groups picking on less than perfect manicures. As a response to this and against bullying in general, nail and beauty bloggers are posting purple manicures and dedicating today […]


Beauty Companies’ Support of SOPA Disappoints


Are you against SOPA? Did you know that a number of popular beauty companies, such as Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, and Revlon to name a few support this misguided legislation? (You can view a partial list of SOPA supporters here).  Beauty and Fashion Bloggers, you can add your link to register your opposition to SOPA at the […]


Why I Am Not Covering Most Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Products


Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and brands march out countless numbers of pink products  with the stated goal of helping breast cancer awareness and supporting the search for a cure by donating a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research. The products often have a big PR push and are covered by […]


New FTC Guides For Endorsements: A How To Guide for Bloggers

The FTC has updated its Guides concerning endorsements, which has an effect on bloggers who receive free products from companies or PR firms for review. I have written a full length article on the updates, complete with the pertinent text of the Guides, Examples, and FTC Commentary, followed by suggestions for implementation.  That article is […]


Ignore the Diet Ads Please! I Do Not Endorse Them!

Update: Glam quickly processed my ad removal request, so the offending ads appear to be gone now.  Many thanks to them for acting so quickly! I am being served a bunch of those awful diet ads today: The ones leading to called “blogs” claiming you can get rid of belly fat by following one simple […]


Bloggers Responding to Total Beauty

Yesterday, I ran a lengthy piece responding to comments made by the CEO of Total Beauty Media. For those who are interested in the response from other bloggers, here is a list, which I am updating as additional material comes in: Purely Cosmetics – Blogger Product Review Uproar Beauty Junkie London – TB Gate: Beauty […]


Responding to Total Beauty’s Suggestion That Companies Should Not Work Directly With Bloggers

I woke up this morning to an uproar on Twitter and other sources about an article from Emrah Kovacoglu, CEO of Total Beauty Media, entitled Beauty Brands Should Not Be Working With Bloggers….  In a nutshell, Kovacoglu suggests that companies should work through intermediaries, such as Total Beauty’s Sneak Peak program, to obtain product reviews […]

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