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Fitness Friday: Why You Should Ignore Those Acia Berry Diet Ads

I recently saw one of those acai berry/total cleanse diet ads pop up on my site from an ad service. Needless to say, I immediately took steps to have it blocked. Why? Because the acai berry diets that have been widely advertised have been reported as fraudulent and misleading. Here is how they work: The

Beauty and Fashion Tech Best of 2008

Below are my top 20  (plus one extra) products of 2008. These come from reviews I did during the year, so while many were also released in 2008, some are older products that I simply tried for the first time during the year.  These are in no particular order, I like them all pretty much

Scenes From September: It is Still Summer and I’m Not Going to New York Fashion Week

Welcome to September, the time of year when it is suddenly OK to wear fall colors and not so OK to be sporting those neon pink summer nails. It is the month where the season has not officially changed, but posts abound about fall trends. To confuse the matter, it is also a month of

Blogging, Freebie Policy, and the New York Times

Just the other day, the New York Times got me ranting about Target, and now I find myself annoyed with Times. Yeesh! If you read the popular beauty blogs, you are likely already familiar with the story. The New York Times ran an article (free registration required for reading), portraying beauty bloggers as women who

Eight Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

The new year often brings the standard lose weight, save money, quit smoking, and other similar resolutions that are good for the health or pocketbook. How about some resolutions that will keep you looking beautiful as well? Here are a few ideas: (1) Wear sunscreen daily. Sunscreen is not just important to avoid skin cancer,

Happy Holidays!

Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss are traveling and taking it easy through the holidays. Over the next 10 days there will still be some posts, but not the daily activity that you normally see. Don’t worry if things are quiet. It will pick up again quite soon! Keep an eye out for the