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Slate Article on Measuring SPF

Slate has an interesting article up: How Do They Measure SPF? Check it out! Update:  The part about re-applying a 2 SPF after 20 minutes in the article is incorrect. It really should state that after 20 minutes with an SPF 2, time is up. Get out of the sun.

Personal UV Meters

Before getting into the sunscreens. Sunscreen week kicks off with information about a cool little gadget. check out this Oregon Scientific Personal UV Monitor. It also has an exposure timer. Or look at the full list of UV meters available at Amazon.com The idea of personal UV monitoring intrigues me. I wonder whether it is

BlogHer Report

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the BlogHer Conference in downtown Chicago. The conference had around 800 in attendance, with more attending in Second Life, and was the largest blogging conference to date, regardless of gender. Attending provided a wonderful opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people, including a couple of

Going to BlogHer!

It is nearby and full of people who I want to meet! So I am headed to downtown Chicago Friday for the BlogHer conference. That means the weekend roundup will be on Saturday instead of Friday. Stay tuned!

New Beauty Technology: Using Cell Phone Photos to Receive Makup Color Recommendations?

Check out this online article from Scientific American about upcoming technology for the automatic recommendation of makeup colors from your cell phone: Coral Lipstick—It’s You! Or So Says a New Cosmetics Algorithm. According to the article, Hewlett-Packard has developed an algorithm that will allow cell phone users to snap a photo from the phone and then

A Look at the New Suncreen Database from the Environmental Working Group and Thoughts About the Cosmetic Implications

An impressive study report and database released yesterday, and one that is well worth the time to explore is the Sunscreen Database from Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database by Environmental Working Group (EWG) (note, the EWG is a non-profit organization and conducts research independently of the companies that manufacture the products). The database is the

Top Skin Care Products For Any Skin Type

I like lists. So here is my list of the best skin care products for every skin type. I have also included a non-exhaustive list of product suggestions with links to my reviews in those instances where I have reviewed the product. Do you have a top skin care product that you would add or