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The Best Makeup Brushes


Your makeup is usually only as good as your brush. This is especially true with cheap makeup or drugstore makeup, which isn’t usually very pigmented to begin with, and is often packed with cheap sponge applicators. The good news is that the best brushes need not cost a fortune. There are some excellent pro makeup […]


Essence of Beauty Brush Kit With Press Eyeliner Brush


Essence of Beauty makeup brushes come from a quality drugstore line that can be found at CVS stores. For more on them in general, see my previous review: Essence of Beauty Makeup Brushes. When I was in CVS the other day, I noticed that the Essence of Beauty line had a travel kit on sale […]


Essence of Beauty Makeup Brushes


Having good makeup brushes and tools is important, but unfortunately cosmetics often come with cruddy and difficult to use makeup brushes, and good ones are expensive. But there are some cheaper options out there. One of those is Essence of Beauty. The Essence of Beauty line of makeup brushes is carried in CVS drugstores and […]

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