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Little Black Bag Review


If you haven’t heard of Little Black Bag, you should! This extremely fun shopping experience involves mystery products and fun trading. Warning! It is addictive! The Big Budda Clutch pictured below was my favorite item in my last bag. You can see my video opening the bag and my review of it below. Little Black […]


How to Pick the Right Colours for You


If you want to feel good in the clothing that you wear, then you may want to consider being attentive to the colours that accentuate your best features. Some women are unable to achieve the wardrobe they deeply desire because it is filled with colours that do not mesh with their skin tone, hair colour […]


What Not to Wear This Summer and Photos of What to Wear Instead


Summer is ahead and if you’re like many of the fashion hungry women out there, you’ve already begun planning your summer wardrobe. As a result, the question begs to be asked. What should you NOT wear this season and what should you wear instead? Take this handy list shopping with you to help you make […]


Adventures in swimsuit shopping

pink monokini

Did you ever stuff yourself with cupcakes while browsing a random swimsuit catalog you got in the mail, pitying yourself and the fact that you’ll never look as good as those models in a monokini? And if you did, you probably thought you’re the single most unlucky girl in the world, right? Well, that’s far […]


Five Hot Tank Tops to Wear This Summer


Tank tops have always been a favourite of many fashion lovers. This reputation is basically because tank tops leave the window open to complete an outfit around the tank top with a number of clothes or accessories you can find in your closet every day. The first and basic choice remains regarding the lowers one […]


The 10 Greatest Places on Earth to Shop

If you love to shop, you will love visiting various countries and cities in search of a bargain. From beautiful designer clothes to jewelry, handbags and shoes, the chain and boutique stores all over the world offer every woman a chance to shop until she drops. Champs-Elysees, Paris Paris is known for its designer shops […]


Eco Friendly Fashion


Re-use and recycling are popular blitz style ways to green your wardrobe – for example buying second hand clothing, or altering an old outfit. But some garments are better bought new – shoes, sports clothing, underwear etc. In that case it might be better to focus on sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics. These can be made from […]


Spring Outfits for Every Occasion


The clothes you wear are an investment in yourself, and you deserve the very best. Spring is already here again, which means it is time once again to descend upon your favorite stores for some clothes that can work for any occasion. Fortunately, many pieces are highly versatile and the ones that are not can […]


7 Awesome Date Night Looks

Need a new look for date night? Check out the information below for a set of great looks that will have you feeling extra special on your date! Need a dress? Check out our guide on How to Choose a Black Dress! 7 Prettiest Date Night Looks Got dinner and a movie lined up, but […]


New Look! Kohl’s Spring Exotic Trend


Kohl’s is featuring several of the hot spring trends on their website and in stores, which makes shopping those trends particularly easy. I took myself on a spring shopping trip over to my local Kohl’s store to try out the exotic trend, which focuses on animal prints. To my delight, along with plenty of fun […]

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