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Thanks to Bionic Beauty for putting together this roundup of blogger’s best of 2008 lists! Bionic Beauty’s Best of 2008 MakeupBag’s Best of 2008 Beauty and Fashion Tech’s Best of 2008 Makeup Makes Me Happy’s 2008 Best in Beauty Awards Girl Gloss’ Best lip products of 2008 Temptalia’s 10 Amazing Products Reviewed in 2008 Daily […]


Top 12 Posts On Beauty and Fashion Tech


As part of the best of 2008 posts, below were the most popular non-holiday and non-limited edition related posts on Beauty and Fashion Tech at the end the year. 1. MAC Painterly Paint Pots 2. Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired By Carmindy 3. ColorScience, Full Spectrum Protection in a Powder Form 4. […]


Beauty and Fashion Tech Best of 2008


Below are my top 20  (plus one extra) products of 2008. These come from reviews I did during the year, so while many were also released in 2008, some are older products that I simply tried for the first time during the year.  These are in no particular order, I like them all pretty much […]


Tagged! My Beauty Favorites and Secrets

Tagged, You're It

Awhile back, Teri over at Aging Fabulous tagged me, seeking my beauty favorites/secrets. After a bit of pondering, here they are!My Foundation: My skin is insane! It is dry in winter, oily in summer, and I have a bit of melasma to cover. So here are my favorites for each: When dry: Elizabeth Arden Intervene, […]


What is in my Bag? Check Product Girl and See!

Carla over at Product Girl has been running a series focusing on the contents of beauty blogger’s handbags. Today she features mine! So if you want to see what is in my bag, you can view it here.


Eight Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

The new year often brings the standard lose weight, save money, quit smoking, and other similar resolutions that are good for the health or pocketbook. How about some resolutions that will keep you looking beautiful as well? Here are a few ideas: (1) Wear sunscreen daily. Sunscreen is not just important to avoid skin cancer, […]


The Best Products of 2007

Best of 2007 Cosmetics and Beauty

I went through the posts of the past year seeking out the favorite new products that I reviewed. The following are the results. I found all of these to be excellent products. Some are expensive, but well worth the money. Others are highly affordable, making them an even better buy! Each link is to my […]

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