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Celebrity Perfume Shopping at Walmart


Collective Bias/Social Fabric sent me out to do a bit of perfume shopping. Before accepting this assignment, I honestly did not know the extent of fragrances available at Walmart! It was much larger than I expected. Everything also had the usual Walmart value prices. Check them out on social media at the hashtag  #ScentSavings. I […]


Six Hot Holiday Beauty Items


Whether you need to look your best or you are shopping for the girl who has everything, new makeup for the holidays is a great stocking stuffer. This year’s trendy options make it possible to have glowing skin and stand out in dreary weather. These are six hot items for 2012 holiday season. 1. Holidays […]


Aromatherapy and Your Mood: How to Take Advantage


One hot buzzword among the holistic crowd is aromatherapy. And it makes sense because, sure, everyone likes things that smell good, right? But what you might not realize is that aromatherapy is much more than just breathing in those smell-good scents. Aromatherapy claims to be real therapy, in a number of different ways, and it […]


Fragrances of Our Lives

Perfume is always about reminiscing, about meeting. Each of us can relate to these distinctive fragrances. They bring back an emotion, a desire, a dream, a fascination, which reminds us of pleasant and scary moments in our lives. French culture has embraced perfume and ensured its place in our modern day society. Perfume has played […]


Choosing the Perfect Perfume for You — Complete the Designer Dress


Every woman should have a “go-to” fragrance that defines her! Your basic scent is determined by natural body chemistry, hormone levels, pH and the medicines or supplements that you take on a daily basis. Adding a beautiful perfume to the mix completes the fabulousness of the designer dress experience. The hard part is choosing the […]


Sephora Favorites Fragrance Sampler With Full Size Voucher


This would be one cool gift, or buy it for yourself! The Sephora Favorites Collector’s Edition Fragrance Sampler For Her contains nine fragrance samples, plus it  includes a voucher for a full-size version of your favorite item. The set contains a nice selection of popular perfumes and fragrances: Dior Addict 2 Versace Bright Crystal Bvlgari […]


New Marc Jacob Splashes for 2010


Update! Looking for the Cucumber Splash? Look here: Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash Marc Jacob releases a few splash fragrances every year. Often they have are fruit based themes. Not being a huge perfume lover, I tend to look forward to them because they usually are light fresh scents. This year the new  Marc Jacobs Splash […]


Marc Jacobs Cucmber Splash Coupon Code 30% Off

Note, this offer is no longer valid. Please see the previous review for shopping sources. I love Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash (Here is my previous review: Cucumber Splash). Now through March 9, 2010, you can get Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash at 30% off on OpenSky, and it was already priced well there to begin with! 


Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash


Update: this item can be hard to find, here is a current link for it: Marc Jacobs Cucumber. Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash is back! I adore this fragrance. You see, I am not much of a perfume person. I don’t care for most of them, unless they have a very natural and clean smell. Marc […]


New Calvin Klein Secret Obsession


Calvin Klein has a new fragrance out that I rather like: Calvin Klein Secret Obsession. I wish I was good at describing fragrances, but I am not. So here is the company description, which seems accurate to me: The fragrance has top notes of exotic plum, mace and rose de damas; a heart of Egyptian […]

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