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Your Home Hair Spa


Take a look around your kitchen cabinet to see a host of things that will be great for your hair. Though expensive products and spa treatments have their place and can make you feel pampered and luxurious, they can burn a hole in your pocket. For more pocket friendly hair solutions, raid the kitchen everyday […]


Paul Mitchell, The Truth About Curls Leave in Conditioner


For all of those with curly hair, Paul Mitchell’s new line of products for curly hair is perfect for you!  The line includes cleansing and styling products just for curly hair. Of particular interest to me was Full Circle Leave-In Conditioner. This is a light-weight conditioner to detangle and fight frizz without weighing down your […]


5 Beauty Products to Try This Summer


It is important to update your beauty arsenal as you make the transition from cool weather to warm weather. Just as you have to fight the cold winter air that dries out  hair and skin, you must adjust your beauty routine to stand up to heat and humidity. Ideally, beauty products should give way to […]


The Secret Hair Care Weapon That Is Lurking in Your Kitchen


With everyone exploring ways to save money these days and pad their wallets, many are turning to do-it-yourself (DIY) secrets to help avoid paying high priced professionals. Considered a luxury expense, hair care can fall into this category, as paying for both name brand products and salon prices can quickly deplete your funds. So, do […]


4 DIY Beauty Recipes for Summer


DIY is always fun! Whether you are on an ecological kick or you just want something a little different, consider some of these great and easy DIY beauty treatments as the sun gets warmer. Beauty doesn’t need to come from the drug store or behind the cosmetic counter. Consider some of these easy beauty recipes […]


Facts About Shampoos You May or May Not Know

how to shampoo

Shampoos are liquid cleaners for the hair, specifically for removing dirt, dandruff, oil, pollutants, etc. They are also used in special cases, for example, when you want to wash dry hair or treat your hair against dandruffs, etc. In other words, it’s not just ordinary cleaning abilities that qualifies a bottled liquid as a shampoo. […]


Taking Good Care Of Your Hair Extensions


Wearing a hair extension will definitely give a new oomph to your crowning glory. Your hair will be fuller, longer, or highlighted with a nice new color. It can also conceal a terrible haircut or hair color and gives your natural hair a discreet way to grow back to its original look. A hair extension […]


Treat Your Hair Right


Hair care and treatment depends on the individual’s hair type and their lifestyle. Individuals who style their hair using a variety of products may require a different hair treatment than those who do not use styling aids. There are various ways to care for the hair including hair care products that are designed specifically to […]


Bringing Extreme Color to Everyday Hairstyles


Ever considered bright hair? While bright blues and oranges are most commonly associate with punk hairstyles, there is no reason why these extreme colors cannot be incorporated with standard hairstyles to add a new dimension to a normal cut. With workplaces getting more tolerant of these colors, more women are willing to experiment and see […]


Style Your Thin Hair and Look Like A Diva: Useful And Handy Tips


Hairstyles play an important role in enhancing the personality of the person. Not only is the young generation inclined towards improving their looks but it often spends longer hours to look smart and stunning. There are many hairstyles in the fashion industry from a simple haircut to intricate styles, and one can adopt a suitable […]

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