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Hair Care, Fact or Fiction?

It’s interesting to consider tips that were popular in years past which are now known to not be such great advice. For example – there was a time when shampooing your hair every day was the accepted rule, while experts currently recommend only washing two to three times per week to prevent damage. Here is […]


Ten SuperFoods for Super Healthy Hair

super foods

If you’re dreaming of gorgeous, thick, long tresses reminiscent of those belonging to a model in a Pantene Pro-V commercial…you might want to stop before you dish out the dollars for the most expensive hair care products on the market. The secret to beautiful hair may not be what you put on your strands, but […]


How To Curl A Yeti’s Hair


So here it is: scientists in Russia have dramatically declared they are close to tracking down the elusive Yeti and proving its existence once and for all. Additional evidence comes in the form of increased sightings and encounters in the Russian wilderness. Many are gathering this week to begin an expedition with the hopes of […]


Choosing the Best Hair Dryer


How to Find the Best Hair Dryer For You When an old hair dryer dies out or when you find that your hair dryer is leaving the strands brittle and damaged, selecting and purchasing a new dryer is an important step in improving your hair. The problem that arises when looking for the best hair […]


Hair Plus Review


FYI!!! Verseo.com Cyber Monday – 35% OFF all orders over. Coupon Code: cyber35 Biggest deal of the year! The Verseo Hair Plus system is a set of hair growth products developed to promote longer and and thicker hair. Hair Plus consists of a conditioner and a shampoo developed to increase hair growth. The products are […]


Amazing Techniques For Hair Highlighting And Lowlighting


Hair Highlighting and Lowlighting Women are known to manipulate and play with their hair since the ages of ancient Greek, by trying all types of substances found around the nature. With technology coming in the lives of human being, things have turned easy for both men and women. Hair highlighting or lowligting can be referred […]


Choosing The Best Curling Iron


How To Find The Best Curling Iron For You Curling irons are a hair styling tool used to turn strait hair into curly hair in a short amount of time. Before choosing what people claim to be the best curling iron available, you must know that curling irons come in different shapes and sizes to […]


The Best Dry Shampoo (And The Worst)

Dry shampoo is something that I lack experience with, yet I have been asked on several occasions what the best dry shampoo is.  So,  I decided to run this article syndicated from Total Beauty on the best and worst dry shampoos. If you are curious about a dry shampoo or want to find the top […]


Pantene Customized Hair Solutions for Fine Hair

pantene for fine hair

I recently tried four products from Pantene’s Customized Hair Solutions line for fine hair. Pantene formulates items for  fine, medium, thick, colored, or curly hair. I chose the formulation for fine hair since, although my hair is rather thick, its texture is fine. Also, products made for fine hair tend to work best with my […]


The Best Hair Tools and Appliances

Having the best hair tools can make your look. Having the worst hair dryers and irons can break it. So, check out this article syndicated from Total Beauty to see what readers think are the best of the best when it comes to the best hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. The article also […]

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