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Liven Up Your Look With Hair Color

30 Days of Beauty Day 8, Hair Color Options Whether you are looking to add spice to your existing hair color or to change it completely, it is important to consider your hair color options. Working with a stylist or on your own, you should always make your color intentions clear and determine what color

Bringing Extreme Color to Everyday Hairstyles

Ever considered bright hair? While bright blues and oranges are most commonly associate with punk hairstyles, there is no reason why these extreme colors cannot be incorporated with standard hairstyles to add a new dimension to a normal cut. With workplaces getting more tolerant of these colors, more women are willing to experiment and see

The Best Highlights For Your Hair Color

Do you have highlights, or have you thought about getting highlights? If so, the quiz below could be for you! Using it, you can determine the best highlights for your hair color. If you are really adventurous, consider a new base shade, plus highlight! I recently did that by going red with blond highlights. Click

Quiz: What is Your Best Hair Color?

This fun quiz tells you your perfect hair color based on personality traits. Now, I’m not sure I buy into that completely, and prefer to pick my hair color based on what looks good with my skin tone, but the quiz was fun anyway. Plus, it told me I should be a redhead, which is

How To Get Hair Dye Off Skin

Dying a person’s hair is the process of changing its color. There are three types of hair dye, permanent, semi-permanent and temporary dyes. Dye is used for a number of reasons such as, to hide a person’s current hair color or restore it to what it once looked like. For instance, a lot of persons

How To Get The Best Creative Hair Color

While coloring hair is common throughout the United States, getting a creative hair color is less common. Creative hair colors are bold, expressive and not for those who are shy or worry about the way others will react. Fortunately, for those with a bold style flare who enjoy standing out and do not care what

Get Your Shine On With Garnier HerbaShine Haircolour

I have long been a fan of Garnier hair products. In fact, I began using Garnier Fructis shampoo before it was available in North America after coming across it while visiting Spain. Before I switched to highlighting my hair, I also used Garnier’s semi-permanent colour (washes out over 28 shampoos) because I liked the choice

L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment

Total Beauty sent me a set of L’Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment to try. If you are looking for a damaged hair formula, along with an affordable way to obtain silky smooth hair, this is definitely an option to try! The Shampoo is nicely moisturizing, with a pretty heavy lather. A