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Beauty Gadget Gifts

Beauty Gadgets make great gifts. Below are a few possibilities. Note that, in particular, the Silk’n Flash and Go Home Laser Hair Removal device has had some great holiday specials going on. Pictured: 1) Silk’n Flash and Go: Permanent hair removal that you can do painlessly lat home. Read our previous review. 2) LED Light

h2pro Nano Ultra Light Hair Dryer

Looking for a new hair dryer? Want light weight? The h2pro Nano Ultra Light Hair Dryer is a great choice. I have been happily using this dryer for some time now, and not only does it quickly and effectively dry the hair, it has a few impressive additional features.  First off, here are the basic

New Hair Technology: Remington Style and Shine Hair Dryer

Remington has long been a respected name in beauty and personal care appliances. They also have generally been a good source of decent quality, yet affordable, hair dryers and flat irons. That is an area that has seen quite a bit of new technology over recent years, with ionic and ceramic technology becoming the standard.