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What Will Be The Next Big Thing In Beauty?


Beauty technology has come a long way, particularly over the past few decades. Women now use pulsed light and lasers to treat skin conditions and prevent wrinkles, hair color no longer leaves hair looking fake and frizzy, and gel nails can be cured under UV light for weeks of chip free wear. What is next? […]


Chemical Peels v. Laser Peels, Which Is Right for You?

Skin care

There is no question that peels, whether chemical or laser, can do wonders for the skin. For people battling acne or melasma, peels can be especially beneficial, while for those with general anti-aging concerns, peels can leave the skin looking brighter, smoother, and firmer. But with so many chemical and laser treatment options, which is […]


The Evolution of Beauty Products


Beauty products have come a long way through the ages. Back in the times of ancient Egypt, women in power used milk to treat their skin and pigments to stain their nails, while today women perform home glycolic peels and sport chip proof shellac. Products such as these continue to improve and evolve. The future […]


Is Laser Tattoo Removal Effective?


Tattoos have long been a popular form of body decoration. While many who get a tattoo are happy with the result, regret is sometimes a side effect of the process.  Tattoos were once thought to be permanent, but with the advent of laser technology, tattoo removal is becoming an increasingly popular topic of discussion. So, […]


Starlite In-Home Laser Skin Care


The Starlite in-home laser skin care device is an at home light treatment product used for anti-aging and acne treatment. Known as a “soft laser,” it works by using the power of a specific wavelength of light to heal. According to the product’s website, that wavelength tends to be effective for superficial skin use without […]

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