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Arbonne Mascara Review


I have a new favorite mascara! I truly love this one! But unfortunately it isn’t the easiest to get.  Arbonne is a Swedish multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells skin care products and cosmetics. I have seen folks rave about Arbonne. I have also seen some criticisms. In any event, I always wanted to do […]


DuWop Lash Venom Mascara


I am a fan of DuWop Original Lip Venom which is a nice basic clear lip plumper that has a good amount of tingle, and hence a bit of actual plumping to it (don’t expect miracles though, it simply is a good gloss that plumps a little, where most don’t plump at all).  Anyway, DuWop […]


Mascara Monday: Smashbox Bionic Mascara


I was quite happy with Smashbox Bionic Mascara. In fact, it was one of the better mascaras I have tried in a while. At first blush, Smashbox Bionic Mascara looks pretty standard. Standard black tube, fairly standard bristle brush, etc. But the brush has a bit of a different shape to the bristles, and I […]


Mascara Monday: Benefit BadGal Lash


BADgal lash mascara advertises itself this way: “With a big, bad brush and a rich, black formula, its like wearing a set of false eyelashes without the glue.” That is pretty accurate. The brush on Benefit BadGal is big and fat. That isn’t usually my favorite type of brush, but I was fine with it […]


Mascara Monday: L’Oreal Voluminous Naturale Mascara


L’Oreal Voluminous Naturale Mascara is a very nice thin rubber brush mascara that provides good length and definition. I tend to prefer the smaller rubber brushes because they provide better definition without clumping issues. The formula for Vouminous Natural is light, yet it provides very good length. I loved the look that I got with […]


Mascara Monday: Stila Multi-Effect Mascara


Stila Multi-Effect Mascara provided a very pleasant surprise for me—it actually can curl! It seems that so many mascaras claim that they can curl the lashes, and then they really don’t measure up. Curling is either minimal, or it doesn’t last. Stila’s mascara actually does what it promises. Stila Multi-Effect seems like a pretty standard […]


Mascara Monday Review: L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion


Total Beauty sent me a sample of the not yet released L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara. The mascara will be on the market in November, 2009. I had very mixed feelings about it the first time I used it, but with use, I warmed up to it. It seems like mascaras are always looking for a […]


Mascara Monday: Pur Minerals Mascara


Pur Minerals is not exactly the company I would think of for mascara, after all, their focus is on mineral makeup. But I gave a sample of Pur Minerals Mascara a try and it is a pretty darn good basic mascara. The brush on this one is of standard size. The formulation worked well for […]


Mascara Monday: Controversial Beauty Products

Today’s Mascara Monday post is syndicated from Total Beauty because it include a mascara that I really dislike, yet others love—Maybelline Great Lash. I agree that this one is controversial. You will see magazines and such rate it as a cult favorite time and again, yet many beauty writers will state that they hate it! […]


Mascara Monday: Maybelline Lash Discovery


Maybelline Lash Discovery is one of my old favorite mascaras. Before I ended up getting so many different kinds of mascara in order to test them, it was the one that I bought over and over again. My favorite thing about Maybelline Lash Discovery is the small brush. I find that it makes precise application […]

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