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The Best Makeup Foundation

I have been focusing for awhile now on accumulating lists of the best makeup and cosmetics (and sometimes lists of the worst as well). Total Beauty is often rather helpful in that regard since they have many such lists themselves. The article below, which is syndicated from Total Beauty lists the top 12 foundation from

Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Eye Shadow Swatches

I love neutral cream eye shadow so, even though I have no shortage of brown shadows (I seriously don’t need any more), I bought a new Maybelline Eye Studio eye shadow trio while out shopping. The trio, Neutral Illusions, has three nice cream shadows: A pink/beige, a luminous champagne/light brown, and deep brown that has

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and Powder

Revlon has entered the fray into high definition style makeup with Revlon Photo Ready Makeup and Revlon Photo Ready Powders. I bought one of each to review. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation has a nice smooth consistency that provides medium coverage.  Although it is oil free, it feels rather moisturizing, and I felt that it was

Best Affordable Makeup Series: Best Drugstore Blush

Readers often ask about the best drugstore makeup or affordable cosmetics, and a previous syndicated post on the best drugstore mascara has been rather popular here on the site. So,welcome to the first installment of series on drugstore makeup. Today, I take a look at some of the best drugstore blush items. Plus, I will

Mascara Monday: Controversial Beauty Products

Today’s Mascara Monday post is syndicated from Total Beauty because it include a mascara that I really dislike, yet others love—Maybelline Great Lash. I agree that this one is controversial. You will see magazines and such rate it as a cult favorite time and again, yet many beauty writers will state that they hate it!

Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation

Maybelline has done an impressive job entering the mineral makeup market. Their Mineral Power liquid foundation (read review) is one of the few liquids branded as a mineral foundation in the drugstore price range. With its Mineral Power Powder Foundation, Maybelline has done a nice job of providing a good basic powder foundation in a

Maybelline Dream Mousse Eye Shadow

I love Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (see review). Now I am in love with the eyeshadow as well! Mousse Eye Shadow is an extremely good creme shadow–better than many of the expensive department store brands. Like the other dream mousse products, Maybelline’s dream mousse shadow has a light whipped texture. In fact, this is