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New Handbags with Interchangeable Shells from Miche


Miche Handbags (link is to previous review) are unique purses with removable shells. That allows you to interchange them for new looks. To see the full collection, visit the Miche Bag website. In my previous review, I looked at the standard Miche handbag. Now, they have released additional styles, including a larger bag with its […]


The Miche Handbag With Removable Shells, One Bag Multiple Personalities


The Miche Handbag (view at: the Miche website) with removable shells is is one of the more fun items that I have gotten to try. The bag is a good quality handbag that can be transformed into a multitude of looks. The handbag comes with a removable outer casing, so you can switch out looks […]

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