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Feeds are Broken

Well, updating is still having issues. The change in permalink structure that was necessary to preserve the old blogger links broke the RSS feeds. I’m working on it….

Update Your Beauty and Fashion Tech Feeds!

Beauty and Fashion Tech has moved to WordPress. As a result, your old feeds might not work. Please take a moment to check and resubscribe if necessary. New feed links are: http://www.beautyandfashiontech.com/?feed=atom or http://www.beautyandfashiontech.com/?feed=rss2 I have updated the Feedburner settings, so if you subscribed through there, you should  not have to change anything. Thanks!

Temporary Blogspot Address

Of course, nothing in the world of web hosting goes smoothly. I am forwarding to the blogspot address while the changes get set up on my host. DO NOT re-bookmark the blogspot address (or at least don’t overwrite beautyandfashiontech.com. The blogspot url will become unavailable again once the regular url is set back up. We

Down for Maintenance

Beauty and Fashion Tech is switching to WordPress. During the switch, the site will be down for a short time. After, there will be a day or so where the site is back up, but I will be updating links and blogrolls. The url for the site will remain then same. Thanks for you patience

New Look!

Beauty and Fashion Tech gets a bit of a new look today! Many thanks to JaulaDesigns for the awesome header and logo design!


Welcome to my new blog providing news and reviews of beauty products and fashion accessories. My hope for this blog is to provide news, reviews, and articles, along with occasional consideration of the technology, scientific claims, history, or general interesting facts behind certain products. The fashion end will primarily focus on accessories, especially those for