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Nail Art Tools and Technologies

Nail art has come a long way. It used to be a difficult hand painted job, best left to professionals. But now there are many new tools, technologies, and techniques that allow anyone to undertake creating cool nail art looks at home. I have played with a few myself, such as using nail art pens,

St Patrick’s Day Nail Polish Ideas

For those who are seeking cute and fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas for nail polish looks, here are a few designs and options to consider, in order to celebrate the day, and show your pride or appreciation for the holiday. Shamrock Vines: A Shamrock vine nails design is one to consider. Only white and green

Halloween Nail Polish

Halloween Nail Polish? Absolutely! Halloween is almost here! Time for cinnamon, clove, and spiced-pumpkin, warming smells filling the frosty air. Time for leaves to change their color. Time for the long-awaited coolness, wearing sweaters, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, eating festive goodies of all sorts, and cozying up with the little ones indoors with soft,

Les Jeans de Chanel Blue Boy Swatches

If you read our sister site Girl Gloss, you may have already seen this one. Although I rarely use blue nail polish, I liked the shades in the Les Jeans de Chanel line that was put out for Fashion’s Night Out. So I grabbed a bottle of the shade Blue Boy. I do rather like