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Great New Year’s Resolutions (And How You’ll Break Them)

The beginning of a new year promises many things and prompts many of us to change our habits. Or does it? I’m sure many have been through enough New Years Days to know that once you’re back with your nose to grindstone a couple of days later, things don’t really feel that different. Here is […]


5 Beauty Fixes After Overindulging On New Years


Today brings a bit of a preemptive post! While Christmas morning might be a big event for the kids, New Year’s Eve is usually when the adults go a little wild with holiday celebration. Unfortunately, the late night, usual New Year’s dressings of alcohol, rich food and sometimes too-cramped rooms and houses can make you look tired, […]


Finding the Perfect Party Dress


With Christmas now just around the corner, the party season is officially here – and most of us have at least one ‘do’ to go to. But finding that perfect outfit to wear can be something of a mission, as every girl knows. It starts with a mental inventory of your wardrobe, wondering if there’s […]

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