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Matching OPI Nail Polish to OPI Nic’s Sticks


Last week, I reviewed OPI Nic’s Sticks – Paint & Go Nail Laquer (read review). I loved the shade, but didn’t really love the polish. So I and wondered whether I could find the same shade in a regular polish. Off to Ulta I went, where I matched my Nic’s Stick to the OPI shade […]


OPI Nic’s Sticks Nail Lacquer: Polish on The Go


OPI Nic’s Sticks – Paint & Go Nail Laquer are easy to use quick dry nail polish “pens.”  Basically it is a tube with a built in brush that the polish is clicked up into, making it easy to carry and apply polish just about anywhere. The downside of these polish pens is that they […]


The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet-n-Wild!


When it comes to the trendy blue nail polish look, I’m a fence sitter. I have seen some women, particularly younger women, wear it well. In the darker shades, I tend to rather like the look. On myself, however, I think it looks rather silly–Something my husband very much agrees with. Regardless, there is no […]


OPI Garden Party Nail Polish Collection

OPI Garden Party

I don’t always wear nail polish, especially on my fingernails, but when summer kicks in, I usually step it up a bit. So I couldn’t stop myself from buying the OPI Garden Party Nail Polish Collection when I was last at the Ulta store. This is a set of mini bottles of some of the shades […]

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