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Pur Minerals Perfect Starter Kit

Like many mineral makeup companies, Pur Minerals offers a starter kit. I gave one a try, and was generally impressed. The starter kit comes with the following: 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup:  What I liked right off about this item was that it was pressed. Pressed mineral makeup is much easier to apply than loose powder… Continue Reading

Pur Minerals Luminous Eye Shadow Palette.

I have been enjoying a number of Pur Minerals products lately. One in particular is the Luminous Eye Palette, which until December 28, 2008 is available under a buy one get one free special. So if you are looking for last minute gifts, you can get two! This palette has a great range of pretty… Continue Reading

Pur Minerals Under Control Mattifying Gel

I was pretty impressed with the Pur Minerals Mattifying Gel for Oily Skin. I had a sample of this product sitting around for some time, and go figure that I was fairly oily during that time and forgot to give it a try! But as things turned out, on a day when I was a… Continue Reading