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The Thirty Dollar Face

Thirty Dollar Challenge Makeup Look

Way back, Makeup Wars did the $20 Face Challenge. Now we are back with a bit of inflation built in, doing the $30 Face Challenge! I went shopping at Meijer for my products. I find that Meijer usually has a good selection of super affordable brands such as NYC and Wet and Wild, plus they […]


Makeup Wars: The $20 Makeup Challenge

Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation Review

The Makeup Wars group is at it again, this time with the $20 makeup challenge. The premise behind the challenge is that you have lost your makeup and have only $20 to replace it. What do you do? It started as a YouTube tag meme and we decided to blog it. I also did a […]


Choosing and Using Makeup Primer


Makeup primer is the foundation to a fresh face for hours of the day.  As Cindy Ingalls of Prime Beauty notes: “Primers are your new best friends. A good face primer will fill in wrinkles, fine lines, make pores appear smaller and even color correct your complexion! There are formulas available for all skin types […]


Rimmel Extreme Definition Mascara and Lash Maxxx

Rimmel Mascara

I tend to really like Rimmel cosmetics, unfortunately, Rimmel Extreme Definition Ultimate Lash-Separating Mascara was not all that ultimate for me. Not at all. This mascara has a pretty strange brush. It looks like a little plastic comb, and I found it very difficult to use. First, it difficult to wipe the excess off. Second, […]


Review: Rimmel Cool Matte 16 Hour Mousse Foundation

Rimmel mousse

Rimmel Cool Matte 16 Hr Mousse Foundation gets merely an OK from me, although I think those who want something really sheer might like it. I absolutely love Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and thought that perhaps the Rimmel product would be similar. It turns out that the two products really are not much alike. […]


Review: Rimmel Cosmetics Lip Products

Rimmel London Cosmetics is a drugstore line that makes some of my current favorite lip products, especially when used in combination. Unfortunately their website is difficult to operate and would not let me get to the product sections, so I am not linking to there. The newer Rimmel lip products also are not really easy […]

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