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Best Affordable Makeup Series: Best Drugstore Blush


Readers often ask about the best drugstore makeup or affordable cosmetics, and a previous syndicated post on the best drugstore mascara has been rather popular here on the site. So,welcome to the first installment of series on drugstore makeup. Today, I take a look at some of the best drugstore blush items. Plus, I will […]


Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Ultra Soothing Lip Tint


I have reviewed this on Girl Gloss, but I like it so much that I am reviewing it again here (plus I just bought a new tube of it)!  I really love the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line by Carmindy.  If I had to go with only drugstore one line to wear, it would be […]


Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Foundation, Concealer, and Powder


A few weeks ago, I reviewed a number of products from the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Makeup line. This new line of cosmetics inspired by Carmindy of the show What Not to Wear, and author of the book The Five Minute Face, impressed me so much that I went back for more! I am pleased […]


Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy


Sally Hansen Natural Beauty has released a wonderful full line of cosmetics “inspired by” Carmindy from TLC’s show What Not to Wear. I am a big Carmindy fan and I liked her book, The Five Minute Face (Read Review). I also have been pretty impressed with Sally Hansen as of late. The new Sally Hansen […]

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