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Three Beauty Uses For Jell-O and One that Doesn’t Work


Powder Jell-O is a secret beauty item in the cosmetic world. Here’s how: 1) It imparts a natural stain. Rub some Strawberry or Cherry powder on your lips for a natural tint and top with a clear gloss. Mix with a bit of water and you have a natural looking cheek stain. I have read […]


Review: New Clean and Clear Soft Acne Treatment


Clean and Clear has a new acne treatment line out and the daytime moisturizer has quickly become a big favorite for me. For some time I have been wishing for a fairly light acne treatment, or at least acne safe, drugstore moisturizer. It seemed that whenever I looked at ingredients on various brands, there would […]


Nettie Scrub Exfoliating Body Scrub

Nettiescrub grapefruit body polish sugar scrub

I seem to be on roll with receiving indie products lately and I love them! Smaller companies often produce products that are both high quality and affordable. Plus, there tends to be that extra sense of personalized love and care put into the products. One of the new products I recently tried is NettieScrub, a […]

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