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Best Beauty Products of 2011

Here we are again at the end of the year, which means it is time for the best of the year posts! Below are Beauty and Fashion Tech’s best beauty product for 2011. The list includes the best makeup, best skin care, hair care, and best beauty gadgets that we tried this year. The items

The Best Flat Irons

Picking the best flat irons or hair straighteners for your hair type can be intimidating. Which ones work the best, won’t break (or break your piggy bank), won’t damage your hair and heat up the fastest? There are many choices on the market, so we’ve researched and narrowed it down to some of the best.

The Best Flat Iron! Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

Have you ever tried a flat iron and found that it “grabbed” your hair, or that you had to run it through many times over to get any real straightening from it? Perhaps it left weird crimps? Those common complaints are cured by the Sedu Revolution Flat Iron. Although rather expensive, the Sedu Revolution is

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