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Self Tanning Made Easy

With summer just around the corner, the perfect accessory to go with that cute bikini and over sized sunglasses is a natural tan. However, UV light from indoor tanning beds are harmful and wreck your skin, while laying out in the sunlight can cause a nasty sunburn. Many salons offer a self tanning service but

How To Make The Most of Your Spray Tan

Airbrush spray tans are a great alternative to sunbathing. Harmful rays from the sun can cause damage to your skin including premature aging and certain types of skin cancer. With proper care, airbrush tans can last up to two weeks. Learn how to prep your skin before the tan and take care of it after

Fake Bake Sunless Tanning

Fake Bake is a line of sunless tanning products that is a favorite of various celebrities such as Kelly Ripa and Britney Spears.  I gave three products a try with generally good results. These are overall quite good self tanners, but they do require using them at night and allowing for full drying before bed

Neutrogena Build a Tan Review

2011 Update: It appears that the Aveeno product reviewed here is no longer in production, which is fine by me. The neutrogena product, which I like quite a bit is still available. With summer fast approaching, I started looking for the best self tanner about two weeks ago. Since I am quite pale, I like the