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Using Cosmetics During Pregnancy

While many women experience a “natural glow” during pregnancy, other women do not. For those women, pregnancy can be a very difficult time. Of course, it is difficult to look your best when you may not be feeling your best. Due to the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy, some women may experience less than desirable

Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream Review

Clarins, which has long been a favorite of mine for skin care, has a new Extra Firming Day Cream. As part of an April promotion, you can get a generous seven-day sample pack of it to try at Clarins counters nationwide! I say generous on that because, unless you really slather on the cream thick,

Five Cosmetic Ingredients That Might Kill You

Cosmetics are comprised of a wide range on ingredients and despite these ingredients being listed on products, the majority of the time, consumers do not really know what they are putting on their body.  While most products are completely safe, there are a number of ingredients that consumers may want to be wary of.  Below

The Best Facial Scrubs, and the Worst!

Total Beauty always does a decent job with these best of and worst of lists. Here is their list of the best and worst facial scrubs, based on reader’s reviews. My personal favorite right now is Kate Sommerville Exfolikate. Love, love, love, that scrub!!!! Here is our previous review: Exfolikate Review. 15 Best and Worst

5 Tips To Improve Your Life Quality

Being healthy means different things to different people, to some it means being able to run for miles without having to stop, for others it means beating a disease or illness for others it’s simply feeling happy about themselves. No matter how you define being healthy here’s some tips everyone can enjoy. Skin If beauty

Top Tips for Lighter, Brighter Looking Eyes

We’ve all been there – you wake up in the morning after yet another night of not enough sleep and recoil from the mirror as you see dark, puffy eyes and crepey lines etched around the eye area. Rather than layer on the make-up, which can often make you look older and more tired if

Get Rid Of That Dry Leg Skin

Problems with dry skin? Well, you do not have to worry anymore. Do not let the dry skin in leg areas prevent you from wearing shorts when you go out. To have wonderful looking legs in no time and you will have to take some right care for your skin. Caring for dry skin doesn’t