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5 Tips To Improve Your Life Quality


Being healthy means different things to different people, to some it means being able to run for miles without having to stop, for others it means beating a disease or illness for others it’s simply feeling happy about themselves. No matter how you define being healthy here’s some tips everyone can enjoy. Skin If beauty […]


Top Tips for Lighter, Brighter Looking Eyes


We’ve all been there – you wake up in the morning after yet another night of not enough sleep and recoil from the mirror as you see dark, puffy eyes and crepey lines etched around the eye area. Rather than layer on the make-up, which can often make you look older and more tired if […]


Is Your Skin Care Routine Legit? 10 Skin Care Myths


With so much conflicting advice out there, it can be difficult to narrow it down and create an effective skin care routine. For those who want to preserve youth and prevent wrinkles, to those who already have wrinkles and desire to eliminate them, there are thousands of products out there that promise to deliver a […]


Get Rid Of That Dry Leg Skin


Problems with dry skin? Well, you do not have to worry anymore. Do not let the dry skin in leg areas prevent you from wearing shorts when you go out. To have wonderful looking legs in no time and you will have to take some right care for your skin. Caring for dry skin doesn’t […]


Ten Head to Toe Tips for Glowing Skin


After a long, hard winter, many people experience rough, dry, or dull skin. With summer just around the corner, a rejuvenation program to revitalize your skin may be in order glow. Try these tips to get yourself glowing from head to toe and ready for the warm weather that lies ahead. 1. Exfoliate Exfoliation is […]


The Best Natural Oils For Beauty


Natural Oils for Beauty The use of natural oils from different plants and nuts have been in practice for hundreds of years. Choosing to use something that is naturally derived from something that grows from the Earth offers many benefits to a person’s skin and hair. By choosing to use products that are all natural, […]


Infographic: The History of Skincare

history of skin care infographic



Eco-Friendly and Organic Beauty Salons

Photo credit: Flickr Creative commons: ppacificvancouver The trend toward embracing things that are “green”; eco-friendly, and organic is extremely popular and growing every day. This is wonderful news as the more people who jump on board the effort to respect and care for our planet, the better we’ll all be in the long run. What […]


An Asian Secret for Beauty: Bird’s Nest


Ever wondered why Asian women seem to keep their youthful look longer than their Western counterparts? It seems they have the secret to slowing down aging and keeping that glow of youth forever. One such secret is bird’s nest. This product is regarded as one of the four great youth tonics in traditional Chinese medicine […]


Spa Destinations–New Year, New You


Spa Destinations   Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: F. Montino Want to get away from it all and face the New Year with renewed energy and focus? Looking for the ultimate spa retreat for a post-holiday pound reduction? Are you tired of the hamster wheel of life and the never-ending cycle of holiday parties? Magnificently […]

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