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The Best Holiday Makeup Palettes

Looking for the best holiday makeup palettes, either for yourself or as a gift? Here are our favorites that are out this season. Most of these are limited edition, so if you want something, get it now, before it is gone. Anything on this list would be a perfect gift as well. If you are […]


Beauty and Makeup Trends from Fashion Week


Beauty and Makeup Trends For Fall and Winter 2011, get set to go back in time to classic retro looks with modern updates. Here are the best makeup looks inspired by the fashion week runways and how to achieve them at home. Eyes Comeback beauty looks include the deep-set dark eyes. Seen on both the […]


Stila Happily Ever After Palette Review


Stila has out a stunning new bridal theme palette that is perfect for the bride or bridesmaids and would make an incredible bridesmaid gift, but also comes with a rather stunning price tag of $75. I thought about buying it to make swatches, but at that price, as gorgeous as it is, I held off. […]


How To Apply Foundation


I have been asked a lot recently about basic makeup tips and application. So I decided to present a few how to articles from guest authors as part of a back to basics series. The first in the series looks at how to apply makeup foundation. Cream to Powder Foundation: Many consider a creme-to-powder, such […]


The Best Make Up For Hazel Eyes


Some are blessed with a unique hazel eye color, making it difficult to know what makeup works best. The color can range from green to gray and light brown depending on what you are wearing and is altered by makeup shades, Below are tips on makeup on the best make up for hazel eyes. Buying […]


The Best Make Up For Blue Eyes


Your eyes are one of the very first things a person notices about you. If your eyes are blue, you are fortunate to be able to pull off a vast array of amazing color choices when it comes to eye make up. Choosing the best colors for eye make up for blue eyes can help […]


The Best Makeup Foundation

I have been focusing for awhile now on accumulating lists of the best makeup and cosmetics (and sometimes lists of the worst as well). Total Beauty is often rather helpful in that regard since they have many such lists themselves. The article below, which is syndicated from Total Beauty lists the top 12 foundation from […]


Stila Road To Radiance Swatches

Stila is putting out a cute series of limited edition travel themed makeup palettes. The first  is Stila – Stila Girl Travel Palette-Road to Radiance. The palette includes 4 eye shadow shades and 1 convertible color for, get this, only $10. Launching alongside each palette, a travel journal detailing each Stila girl’s adventures is available […]


Mascara Monday: Stila Multi-Effect Mascara


Stila Multi-Effect Mascara provided a very pleasant surprise for me—it actually can curl! It seems that so many mascaras claim that they can curl the lashes, and then they really don’t measure up. Curling is either minimal, or it doesn’t last. Stila’s mascara actually does what it promises. Stila Multi-Effect seems like a pretty standard […]


Stila Spring Collection


I love that all of the spring collections are out now! I am tiring of deep winter shades. Bring on the pinks an pastels! The Stila Cosmetics Spring Collection looks particularly nice this year. I love the new pearl shimmer glosses (read review at Girl Gloss) and the Stila Precious Pearl Palettte eye shadow palette […]

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