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Lancome UV Expert SPF 20 Sunscreen With Mexoryl SX

Lancome UV Expert Mexoryl

A Sunscreen that I had long wanted to give a try is Lancome UV Expert SPF 20 with Mexoryl SX. I finally got around to doing so! Mexoryl (chemical name ecamsule) is the first new sunscreen approved by the FDA since 1988. It helps cover short UVA rays, which can account for a good amount […]


Colorescience Full Spectum Powder Sunscreen


Sunscreen week continues at Beauty and Fashion Tech with a look at a powder sunscreen. Earlier in the week I looked at a few of the top products in the Sunscreen database. Today I cover a sunblock that is not in the database, but that I absolutely love. Colorscience Sunforgettable  is a bit different because […]


Fallene Total Block Cotz SPF 58 and Total Block SPF 60

Total Block

Today’s installment in sunscreen week looks at Total Block Cotz SPF 58, a water resistant sunscreen that is number 17 in the Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Database. Total Block Cotz, containing titanium dioxide and zinc ozide, is comfortable to wear and fragrance free. As with the other products I have reported on this week, there […]


Slate Article on Measuring SPF

Slate has an interesting article up: How Do They Measure SPF? Check it out! Update:  The part about re-applying a 2 SPF after 20 minutes in the article is incorrect. It really should state that after 20 minutes with an SPF 2, time is up. Get out of the sun.


Vanicream Sport Sunscreen SPF 35


Sunscreen week continues today with a look at the number five product from the Sunscreen Database for safety and effectiveness, Vanicream Sport SPF 35. Vanicream advertises that it goes on clear and is appropriate for use on the face. Vanicream contains micronized zinc oxide and octinoxate for full spectrum protection. It is fragrance free, and […]


Badger SPF 30 Sunblock for Face and Body

Badger small

This week is sunscreen week at Beauty and Fashion Tech. I recently tried three of the top sunscreens in The Sunscreen Database from the Environmental Working Group. Because I have areas of melasma and hyperpigmentation, I have taken great interest in the products that were found to be highly effective by providing full spectrum protection. Today, […]


Personal UV Meters

UV Meter

Before getting into the sunscreens. Sunscreen week kicks off with information about a cool little gadget. check out this Oregon Scientific Personal UV Monitor. It also has an exposure timer. Or look at the full list of UV meters available at Amazon.com The idea of personal UV monitoring intrigues me. I wonder whether it is […]


Sunscreen Week at Beauty and Fashion Tech


This week is sunscreen week at Beauty and Fashion Tech! I have posted in the past about The importance of safe sun. Sunscreen was also my number one product in the list of top five kinds of skin care products for every skin type. Not too long ago, I also took a look at the […]


A Look at the New Suncreen Database from the Environmental Working Group and Thoughts About the Cosmetic Implications

An impressive study report and database released yesterday, and one that is well worth the time to explore is the Sunscreen Database from Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database by Environmental Working Group (EWG) (note, the EWG is a non-profit organization and conducts research independently of the companies that manufacture the products). The database is the […]


Free Skin Cancer Screening in New York City

If you are in New York City, June 25, 2007 is a day to note on your calendar. Face to Face NYC day spa is offering a free 10 minute skin cancer screening performed by a board certified dermatologist from St. Vincent’s Hospital.The free screenings are available Monday June 25th, from 5-8pm by appointment only. […]

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