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Valentines Beauty Essentials

Emma Makeup

My dad always said, “Valentines day is for amateurs.” While I agree with him and firmly believe romance should be spontaneous and consistent throughout the year, I find myself inspired by the extra emphasis on love & romance right now. After all you can never have too much romance in your life. So here’s my […]


6 Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips


Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips Many women find that on Valentine’s Day they enjoy disregarding their normal makeup routine in lieu of a more romantic look for this special day. Although the emotion of romance is responsible for putting a twinkle in a person’s eye and a glow in her cheeks, these traits can be enhanced […]


Affordable Valentines Day Gift Ideas


Some Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune Of all the holidays celebrated in the United States, Valentine’s Day comes in as number two in greeting card sales. And of course, flowers and candy are the most popular gifts given on that occasion. With so many people out of work or on tight […]

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