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Celebrity Perfume Shopping at Walmart

Celebrity Perfume Shopping at Walmart

Collective Bias/Social Fabric sent me out to do a bit of perfume shopping. Before accepting this assignment, I honestly did not know the extent of fragrances available at Walmart! It was much larger than I expected. Everything also had the usual Walmart value prices. Check them out on social media at the hashtag  #ScentSavings. I

Hard Candy at Walmart

Hard Candy Cosmetics are back and they are at Walmart! I haven’t seen them in person yet, but they look as cute as ever. I definitely will be picking up some of the tinted lip balms! Below are six of just many of the Hard Candy items that looked particularly interesting to me. I’m going

Fall Beauty At Walmart

Looking to save on beauty products this fall? Actually who isn’t? Walmart offers a large selection of beauty products at bargain prices. Walmart features all major brands of beauty items from makeup, to hair care, to skin care, making one stop shopping easy.  Below are a few items that can be found at Walmart. I