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Zeno Acne Treatment Review, Zap Your Zits!

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I have been trying the Zeno Acne Treatment Device for some time now. While I don’t have serious acne problems, I do have the occasional breakout and am always interested in acne treatment products like the Zeno for acne treatment. (update: lately my acne has gotten worse. I am currently loving the Claro Acne Treatment Device . You can read my review here: Claro Acne Treatment).

I was fairly skeptical of the Zeno at first, but after some use, I do believe that it works pretty well in many instances. It also has added some smaller and more affordable options such as the Zeno Hot Spot that runs at $39.

When used early in acne formation, the Zeno can clear up a lesion in as fast as 24 hours. The gadget works by delivering concentrated heat to the pimple over a period of two and 1/2 minutes. Zeno calls this a “heat shock response” in the bacteria that causes acne lesions, which causes the bacteria to “self destruct.” My first question about this was, where does that bacteria go when it “self destructs?” Surely it must go somewhere? For some instances I found out–it brings the pimple to a head.

That is what my first tries with the Zeno induced. Essentially the pimple would come to a head much quicker than it might otherwise, and then I would end up doing that thing we are all not supposed to do, yet often cannot stop ourselves –pop the pimple. I can’t really complain too much since the whole process with the Zeno still got rid of the acne quicker than normal. However, the regular Zeno is a bit pricey for that.

In addition, on several recent occasions, I managed to use the Zeno Acne Treatment Device when the pimple was very new and very small. Both times, the pimple never became anything larger and indeed did disappear between 24 and 48 hours later. After those experiences, I think that if used early enough, this product can make a meaningful enough difference in acne treatment to warrant to price. To be fair, the Zeno product literature does state that it is best when used early.

Something else that anyone contemplating a purchase should consider is that the Zeno does not claim to work on blackheads, whiteheads, or severe cystic acne. While the web site does not seem to clearly state that, the brochure that came with mine specifically said that it is not meant for those types. From my experience, it doesn’t do much at all for any kind of deep cyst-like acne, except perhaps bring them to a head a bit quicker. but then, little works well on that type of acne.

Finally, the device tip only lasts for a set number of uses (mine is 90) and then the tip must be replaced. Replacements run around $25. That extra cost, while not hidden, is not widely advertised with the product and could be overlooked by some consumers. It is something else for a person considering a purchase to consider.

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