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(almost) Everybody (except me) Loves Proenza Pink

Proenza pink

OK, so I keep seeing blog after blog raving about the limited edition Le Rouge Absolu, Proenza Pink from Lancome. The shade was designed for the Proenza Schouler spring runway and created by Gucci Westman Neville in consultation with the two men behind the Proenza Schouler name.

It is limited edition, it is exclusive to Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and four Lancome boutiques. It will likely be wildly popular, sold out, impossible to find, and cost a small fortune on eBay.

Why? Is it the fancy name(s), the limited edition, or both? Will people rave about it without ever actually trying it simply because it exists? I predict they will. But I have to say, I just don’t get this one. I like pink and I like pink cosmetics, but this shade is just too pale, and too whitish pink. To be fair, I did see one blog where the author did indeed wear it and liked it, but admitted that it might not be for everyone. She also described it as a zinc or milky pink: See blogdorfgoodman.

Anyway, I definitely agree with one of the few blogs that I saw questioning it: The Non-Blonde: Two Notes to the Good People at Lancome. She questioned how a person could wear the shade and still look alive. I like experimenting and I like fun colors, but with expensive limited edition stuff, why can’t they be more universally attractive????

Just a little rant for today….. 🙂

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