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Cosmetic Foot Surgery: High Heel Injections and (gulp) Amputations.

The Chicago Fox News ran a report the other night about “high heel injections,” which involves injecting collagen into the balls of the feet in order to make wearing thin soled, high heel shoes more comfortable. The video came complete with graphic shots of needles entering feet, which I really don’t recommend watching while suffering from a migraine. It also drew some “ewwws” and “icks” from my boyfriend.

I became curious about it and checked into it more today. I was rather surprised at what I found. Not only are some women injecting their feet, but some are amputating parts of their toes in order to wear, or improve the toe cleavage on, pointy toe shoes such as those from Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo. The New York Times initially reported on it and I found some in depth commentary on both procedures at an interesting web site devoted to the wearing of high heels: 2heels.com.

Now I am fairly vain, and I am willing to bet that cosmetic procedures are in my future. But cosmetic foot surgery involving partial amputations???? I’m just not seeing that! The injection idea, while not for me, is somewhat interesting, but I cannot imagine amputating body parts just to be able to wear a certain shoe. Do people who have had this done admit to it? It seems outside of the realm of general social (and likely medical) acceptance to me, but perhaps I am just naive?

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