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Beer Shampoo and Beer Beauty Recipes

Beer beauty review
Beer Beauty

Yes, there is beauty in beer. Beer can also help you be beautiful. No, I am not referring to beer goggles. I am talking about beer in beauty products. Beer Shampoo gets rave reviews, as does other beer beauty products.

The other day I ran across an article from Men’s Health entitled 32 Things You Can Do With Beer. I’m beer loving girl. Heck, I am the founder of the Brewpubs Category on Waymarking.com. So I was into that article like flies into beer! There were a couple of beauty tips in the article, including my favorite and easy beer shampoo recipe. It also got me thinking about other beer beauty possibilities.
Beer Shampoo
The beer shampoo recipe is quite simple: Reduce a cup of beer to 1/4 cup by simmering it on the stove. Add a cup of shampoo. The beer helps remove product buildup, adds body to the hair, and leaves it shiny.
Beer Facial Mask
Feel like cooking up a facial mask? From the Kegerators Company comes this recipe: Mix one cup of beer, an avocado, a splash of vinegar, and a spoonful of honey. Apply to the face for ten to fifteen minutes. According to the company, you will notice clear pores and a fresher complexion. I have long been a fan of avocado masks, and the I think the beer adds a nice bit of cleansing action.
Commercial Beer Shampoos
If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can always buy beer shampoos or soaps. For example, you can always try one of these Beer shampoos:
Lush Cynthia Stout Shampoo
So remember, Guinness is good for you in many different ways!
Photo used with permission, courtesy of Mike Wager, homebrewer extraordinaire. All rights reserved.
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