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Fashion in Computing: Tulip Ego Laptops

Looking for the height of fashion in your laptop? The Tulip-ego at its $ 5,000 base price, and now available at Barney’s, comes in a simple stylish black or white. Additional skins can be added to change the look. At least the basic skins are available in the US, while some skins, such as the love collection (pictured) may only be available in Europe.

Want really show off? For $350,000 (this is the price range I have seen reported, the price is not listed on the company web site), there is also the Ego Otazu with 470 diamonds set in the logos. For further diamond action, there are the limited edition Tulip-ego diamond (100 made) and platinum (250 made), or one can be custom made.

More buzz on the ego line can be found here.
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